The Great Shepherd

We who act as Watchmen for our Adamic Israelite kinsman are all shepherds of goodness, but there is only one Great Shepherd, and that is our Heavenly Father Yahuah Almighty God. He is our Great Shepherd who cares for us each and every day, never failing to deliver His promises when we step out and speak out in pure faith.

Shepherd can be found to mean a pastor, herdman as well as a companion. As our Shepherd, our Kinsman Redeemer is our companion, our Pastor and our Teacher. In order to learn about the greatness of our Supreme Shepherd we need only to look at Psalm 23...

The White Lake

An ancient Irish poem written some time between the 8th and 10th Centuries, translated by Robin Flower. Author unknown

When holy Patrick full of grace

Suffered on Cruach, that blest place,

In grief and gloom enduring then

For Eire's women, Eire's men.


God for his comfort sent a flight

Of birds angelically bright

That sang above the darkling lake

A Song of the White Men

A Song of the White Men, by Rudyard Kipling, 1899.

Now, this is the cup the White Men drink  

When they go to right a wrong, And that is the cup of the old world's hate -  

Cruel and strained and strong. We have drunk that cup - and a bitter, bitter cup -  

Elijah the Cave Dweller

Proving that the so-called "black Hebrew Israelites" are liars and imposters is a mission I feel compelled to do, simply because providing the necessary information that proves them wrong will allow my Adamic kinsman to lay their eyes upon truth and perhaps plant a seed that will possibly start them on a journey of discovering their biblical identity.

I have already demonstrated how the blacks prove themselves wrong with their very own claims. I pointed out how their claim to have never been cave dwellers contradicts the scriptures, and how in order for blacks to have ever been Israelites, they would have had to dwell in caves while hiding from the Midianites. Scripture clearly shows that in order to be ancient Israelites, you had to have been cave dwellers at some point.

Israelite Cave Dwellers

According to the many Negroes who claim to be the "original Europeans" and the Hebrew Israelites, no black Negro has ever spent time inside of a cave. They will rant and rave about how at no time in history have Negroes ever dwelled in caves. According to them, white people are the cavemen and cave dwellers.

Does the Bible speak of men and women dwelling in caves? Let's find out!

From Judges 6:2, we read...

"The Midianites were so cruel that the Israelites made hiding places for themselves in the mountains, caves, and strongholds."

Victory is Inevitable

My duty as a Watchman is to be a guardian of truth, and fighting to bring the truth into the light for my fellow Adamic kinsman. Warning my kinsman about the dangers that surround them is a part of the job, but a true Watchman seeks to lift his people up with a message of hope within all of the messages of danger. Whether you are an Identity Christian or White Nationalist, victory for the Adamic White Race is something that will take place no matter what. The Almighty has always kept His promises, so why should the promise of eternal victory and life be any different?

What is a myth? A myth can be defined as being a widely held but false belief or idea. This is White Genocide! All over the world we see the House of Edom (Jews) telling the story of how white people will vanish from the Earth, that all white people will eventually die off and be gone for good. Every second these vipers spread this message they are creating an invisible force field of fear that surrounds the White Race collectively.

Sarah, wife of Abraham, was a White Woman

This is truth that the blacks avoid and that whites need. It is crystal clear that descriptions of Sarah, the wife of Abraham, are in no way describing a black Negro. This is why they avoid things such as this or seek to twist them in any satanic way they can.

From the Dead Sea Scrolls we get an interesting description of Sarah...

"Her skin was pure white, she had long lovely hair, her limbs were smooth and rounded, she had slender legs and small feet, her hands were slim and long and so were her fingers."


The Appearance of Angels

For many years now blacks have been claiming that the ancient Hebrew Israelites were black Negroes. Though they are never able to produce any actual evidence, they continue to spread their lies and believe in their proven retarded minds that they were a race of greatness before the white man came and stole everything from them, which in reality is admitting their own inferiority. With this presentation I will be focusing on the Sons of Heaven, the Angelic Beings, who according to blacks are also Negroes. This of course is a satanic lie along with all of their other claims.

From the writings of Enoch, LXll:16, page 83, we read...

"And they shall have been clothed with garments of glory, and they shall be garments of life from Yahuah of Spirits: And your garments shall not grow old, nor your glory pass away before Yahuah of Spirits."